Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi is recognized as a spiritual leader who has the ability to transmit a unique energy through his thoughts. With this energy has the ability to transform lives so people can function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose. The energy he transmits has the ability to bring peace, harmony and happiness to our world.

Path to Glory

Born in India, Mahendra Trivedi showed heightened levels of cognitive power, perception and intelligence from a very young age. Becoming the first spiritual leader who decided not to follow the traditional ways, he founded the “Trivedi FoundationTM” and then later founded the “Trivedi Master WellnessTM”. With a desire to test the energy he has combined science with spirituality to measure, validate, document and eventually publish their findings.

Gifting Abundance

Over 200,000 people across the globe have experienced the outstanding results of The Trivedi Effect®, which has the ability to introduce wellness into all aspects of their lives. Mahendra Trivedi has expanded from human transformations to plants, animals, microbes, ceramics, polymers, metals, and other living and non-living material .The effects of this energy have all been successfully validated through over 4,000 scientific experiments conducted under controlled conditions. The scientific community is astounded by this ability to transform living and non-living things through the power of Mahendra Trivedi’s energy transmissions.

In order to attract all kinds of abundance in their lives, inner peace and happiness, more and more people are deciding to receive energy from Mahendra Trivedi. Continuous scientific experiments encourage people to seek life changing results from The Trivedi Effect®.